Elephant Theme Nursery

Decorating a nursery is a fun and engaging activity. However, most of the times we tend to run out of ideas and start adding random decorations. This approach isn't necessarily wrong but studies have shown that a themed decorated nursery is way more engaging for the newborns. Also, they will be happier and they will feel like they've stepped into a fantasy world. A very popular and beloved decoration theme is the elephant one. The following article aims to help you with decorating nursery in elephant theme and present you the most popular products, suited for this process.

1) Curtains or bed sheets

Begin decorating the nursery with some nice and interactive elephant curtains or bed sheets. You can begin garnishing the beds with a Healing Crystals Indian sheet. Designed in multiple colors, this accessory is ideal for any nursery and the babies will totally love it. Considering that the elephant logo is very prominent at this piece, this will make it ideal for your elephant themed nursery. If you want some diversity, you can also add a Folkulture Mandala curtain. This will make a nice contrast with the Healing Crystal bed sheets and its predominant color, blue, is known for providing a state of calm and tranquility. And this is exactly what you want to have in a nursery.

2) Wall Art

The wall art is also an important detail, that has to be considered when decorating a nursery. When it comes to that, you have plenty of options, but the most indicated is without any doubt, the Framed African Artwork. This wall accessory features an elephant drinking water, with the sunset in the background. The whole image is extremely picturesque and even though the babies won't understand what is it about, it will give them a positive vibe. If you want to decorate every wall in a distinctive manner, you should also consider the Wieco Art Elephant wall decorations. They feature different images, which deliver a state of optimism and positivity, which are ideal for the babies.

3) Plush Toys

Toys are mandatory in every nursery and because you're decorating it in an elephant theme, you also need some elephant toys. The most interesting toy is without any doubt, the Animal Friend Plushy. This is more than just a toy, and it can also be used as a blanket. Designed as a tiny elephant, this plushy accessory will be a reliable buddy for the baby, when no one else is around. The Monthly Baby Stickers are great for displaying the age of every baby. They are easy to stick and peel off on the child's apparel.

4) Clothing

Many nurseries provide clothing lines for the newborns and yours could do that as well. A custom clothing will excite the parents and they will love to see their newborn as a tiny elephant. Some Southern Attitude T-Shirts are ideal for any nursery. They have some interactive colors, perfect for any newborn. The T-Shirts are 100% cotton and they are extremely comfortable for the babies.

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