Elephant Decor for your Home

Elephants are herbivorous mammals that are the largest land animals here on Earth. With their distinct features such as their long noses or trunks, big floppy ears, thick tree-like legs, and of course their tusks, elephant herds are recognizable from a far off distance traveling together in a single file. It is also known of them to never leave one of their behinds as they will all stay and band together to help out if a member of their herd is injured or trapped. 

Just like its size, the elephant has held great meaning for all wildlife as well as for humankind. Their symbolic meaning deals with honor, strength, reliability, and longevity. The elephant is greatly revered in some cultures particularly in Hinduism wherein for centuries, elephants have been vastly depicted as motifs in shrines and temples for they are considered gods in Hinduism. 

The rest of the world did catch on with what the Hindu and Buddhist's practice of decorating spaces with various elephant motifs, so much that they have been in different forms of folklores, art, as well as in pop culture. 

Now, people are decorating their homes or office spaces with elephant products because not only does it remind them of what the elephants symbolize for them, but having the decor fill their spaces fit well with the overall feel or style that they have 

There is a great diversity regarding elephant products. They range from jewelry or accessories to statues, mugs, t-shirts, to ornaments and tapestries; just a completely wide variety to choose from. Adding elephant designs in one's home creates that earthy and serene atmosphere that is just right and it's great for living rooms or even baby rooms. 

There are different ways to decorate the home with elephant tapestries. Using it as wall hangings are common; to adorn the space above bedroom-headboards, or hung over bed canopies or put up the great wall space that is sometimes present in living rooms. 

Elephant Tapestries can also be paired with patterned rugs to achieve that eastern and artful vibe. They can also be used as the top cover for bedding depending on the texture and material make. They can also serve as great picnic blanket because the red and white check pattern is so out of style already. 

Also, Elephant figurines or other ornaments are wonderful additions to desks, coffee tables, or shelves. And just to share, people can be creative with mug designs about elephants. 

Elephant pieces of jewelry and accessories are typically made, with particular elephant ring designs as well as necklaces available in the market. It is important to mention that elephant inspired designs are not the only trades present. The ivory trade is still prevalent in various markets around the globe and elephants are being exploited in great numbers just for profit which should deem illegal. 

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